Why You Need More Than A Videographer

During your recent marketing meeting, your team decides to get a video made to promote your products and services. But, where do you start? Shortly after getting excited about having a video made you are suddenly faced with confusion. Should you hire a videographer or a video production team?

The scenario described above is a typical one that most small to medium size businesses face.

The difference between a videographer and a video production company is often the least understood concept among businesses requiring help with their video project. Unfortunately, in the last few years, many companies assume that a videographer can execute their video and help them reach ambitious marketing goals. This is a myth that needs to be unpacked.

A videographer typically does do editing and knows a bit about lighting. But, just like building a house from scratch, making a video requires a lot of specialists. These video specialists are highly trained to handle the challenging task of creating something that matches what your marketing team envisions.

The key distinguishing factors between a videographer and video production company are price and quality. A video production company has a team of producers, directors, wardrobe specialists, makeup artists, audio engineers, post production supervisors and many more talented video professionals.

The strength of using a team of professionals to create your video is that every person specializes in their craft. At the Director’s helm, your video is given the utmost attention by people who care about helping you reach your marketing goals. A team of people will be given the task of creating a memorable video that moves hearts and minds, increases revenue, and creates huge brand awareness.

Ever team member has a specific role in the production process, they spend all of their time on that task making sure it’s performed to perfection. As a team, specialists work to ensure the footage is precisely aligned with the client’s vision.

A videographer typically works on projects where there isn’t a lot of marketing dollars at stake. They might shoot weddings, b-roll for a company video, or a music event.

A videographer, no matter how good, physically does not have the time to make sure the lighting is right, the sound is captured and synced with the video, the actors are speaking in line with the script and the tone of the project is aligned with the client’s vision. Additionally, some videographers enjoy shooting video but editing is not their forte. They may be capable of editing but it isn’t their passion.

A videographer can try to wear many hats to create your amazing video, but by virtue of being a team of one it is impossible to execute every role with precision.

Many video production companies will offer a strategy session as part of their pre-production package. During the session, they will identify how to create your video so that viewers take action by purchasing your product or signing up for a service you offer. Additionally, a video production company can provide a video marketing strategy to distribute the video for maximum engagement.

While it is an investment to work with a video production company, the payoff is you will get a return on your marketing investment. If you get a great deal on a video, but hardly anyone sees it, is it a really good investment?

Documentary filmmaker + CEO of Blue Lotus Films — a San Francisco Bay Area video production co. that promotes wellness businesses. http://www.bluelotusfilms.net

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