How to Get More Video Views on Social Media

How are you going to get your video in front of the right audience? Many people make a video and then expect their target audience to magically find it.

Distribution is one of the last things content creators tend to think about because it can often feel like lifting a heavy boulder just to make a video! But, it doesn’t have to feel hard.

Instead of hoping and wishing your audience will see your video content — you just need to implement a few simple strategic tips. Once you get these habits in place — you will be attracting a lot more of the right viewers to your video content.

1- Make an ask

Make an explicit (but friendly) ask of your subscribers so long as you are truly providing value in return. Most people are not going to immediately think of subscribing to your channel — but if you share what your channel is about and encourage them to do so they will be more likely to subscribe. Also, ask them to rate (like or dislike on YouTube) and type a comment because engagement is important for all social media platform alogrithms.

2- Email friends

Send out a friendly email to a targeted group of people and ask them to share it with their friends. Your network likely knows many other people who share the same interests as they do — those people are likely to be in your target audience.

3- Share clips and trailers

Sharing trailers and clips from your series on social media is one of the best ways to engage new viewers and get them in excited about your show. Share outtakes (bloopers), trailers, and clips with the express purpose of encouraging folks to watch the full episode on your website.

4). Use unique hashtags

Incorporate a unique hashtag that’s related to your series (not your business) into your post. When you send out an email to your newsletter list ask them to share the series with your unique hashtag. Create buzz.

5). Run a contest or giveaway

Offer some sort of prize or incentive for engaging with your content if you can. So, for example, you can run a contest on social media asking people questions about your content. The person who gets the most answers right wins a prize. You can giveaway t-shirts, socks, stickers or pens — really anything you want to identify your brand with.

When you send the prize to the lucky winners in the mail, be sure to ask them to post a picture of them with their prize and tag your business in the post.

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