Build Your Camera Confidence

Most business owners these days understand the power of video marketing, but they still get tripped up when thinking about creating their own video content.

Video increases the chance 5300% of appearing on the front page of Google.

It may be because you know video is effective that fear naturally arises over the thought of being highly visible.

When you think about talking in front of a camera do you feel nauseous? Have you tried making videos but dislike what you’ve recorded?

(watch the video to learn more about the tips in this article)

I’ve been working in video production for nearly 20 years. I’ve worked with CEOs of large companies, startup CEOS, and entrepreneurs. No matter how successful someone is — they still exhibit some level of nervousness being on camera.

When making your own videos, you only need to know the 5 tips for confident video marketing to overcome these hurdles. When you learn these 5 tips and implement them as a regular practice — you’ll soon be able to confidently make some great videos for your business.

  1. Focus on service

To get over fear of being on camera, it’s best to get in a headspace of being of service to your audience so you aren’t ruminating on having your video look perfect or delivering your message perfectly. So many business owners start to get nervous because they are too focused on every aspect of their production being perfect — instead of focusing the ‘why’ of creating your video. When you focus intently on your passion and purpose, you will notice fear starts to dissipate.

2. Preparation

To help reduce fear of being on camera, you need to be sure you’ve taken measures to prepare for your video shoot. You need to prepare your script, scope out a location, and secure all the equipment you need for the shoot. Don’t just turn on the camera and hit record.

3. Quality Equipment

Be sure to test your equipment and focus on making your video look good. You also need to be equally concerned about sound quality. Once you have the right equipment, you can relax and feel more confident.

4. Location

There are so many variables to consider when shooting a video. Location is crucial for your shoot because you want to have some level of control over the background of your video and the sound quality. Scoping out your location in advance can help reduce fear and worry that things will go wrong during shoot.

5. Editing

Post-production (editing) skills will help you make comfortable being on camera. You’ll have less fear during the shoot that you need to do 20 takes to make the video look right. When you understand editing — you will know what creative tools you can use to make your video look better without going overboard during your shoot.

Stop letting so many emotional and tech hurdles keep you back from making great videos. Embrace the fact being on camera is a learning curve and develop a strong intention to practice the 5 tips for camera confidence. You’ll soon be on your way to making successful video campaigns that raise the visibility of your business.

Documentary filmmaker + CEO of Blue Lotus Films — a San Francisco Bay Area video production co. that promotes wellness businesses.

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