Build Customer Loyalty With Video Marketing

By implementing a consistent video strategy you’ll gain loyal fans

Sarah Fisher
4 min readMay 5, 2022
Video camera setup for a shoot

Relationship marketing is a well known type of marketing that builds loyalty with your potential clients. I like to think of relationship marketing as building long term friendships. Most business owners have the experience of developing a friendship with someone who shares your interests and gets to know what services you provide. Often those friends will turn into clients because you’ve built a relationship on solid like-ability and trust.

Normally friends enjoy hearing from you often — if they feel ignored or you are not showing up for them the friendship starts to dwindle.

Here are four benefits to releasing consistent, compelling video content that deeply resonates with your target audience:

1). Brand Awareness

As you likely already know, in order for people to do business with you — they need to know, like, and trust you. Every social media network these days favors video in their algorithm…



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